Climbing wall modules

For everyone, both individuals and professionals, here you can find a climbing wall to suit you, with the new range of modules from Canary Holds.

In just a few minutes you can order a fully customized module, both in difficulty of collapse, dams, and aesthetic finish.

Climbing wall modules


  • ModuleKids

    The "Modulekids" range includes 5 basic modules from 6 years of age,graduated according to the level of difficulty. From these models you can fully customize the module, according to your personal tastes and the characteristics of the space where it is going to be installed.

    They are made up of a metal base structure and 18mm thick plywood cladding, with total dimensions of 3.00 meters high and 1.25 meters wide.

    You can also design your own personalized climbing wall several of these panels (combinable modulekids).

    Ther are ideal for installing in provate homes, schools, institutes, children´s education, hotels, sport centers, among many others.

    All our modules meet the safety requirements establiched in the UNE-EN 12572-2:2017 standard (safety requirements and test methods for climbing walls).

  • ModuleAdults

    A range of technical module climbing walls for advanced levels.


  • ModuleLights

    Moonboards are becoming a more common tool in training centers. This range of module adapted to the lastest technologies integrates a led lighting system that wil allow you to select the degree of difficulty of the block you wish to make.


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