Climbing holds

A whole range of possibilities in a selection of the best grips (children, slopers, crimps, pinchs, jugs, pockets, foots and speed holds).

With an exclusive texturing and the best polyurethane on the market that provides resistance and durability.

Products tested on the UNE-EN 12572-3:2017 standard (safety requirements and test methods for climbing holds).

Climbing holds


  • Children

    Easy and fun climning holds to use for the little ones in the house.

    Ther are a good means of initation to climbing andallow a learning methodology though sport.

    Numbers, animals, letters and much more.

  • Slopers


    This type of holds is characterized by having negatively inclined planes, so they have a slope from the back to the front without any positive edge to use.

  • Crimps


    The are a category of holds unique to the phalanges, they have horizontal flat edges that, in certain cases, may have a negative slope.

  • Pinchs


    Set of holds where the thumb acts in the opposite way to the rest of the fingers. It´s precision goes to the background when the thumb intervenes, in this type of grip force is more decisive.

  • Jugs


    Set of holds with a positive slope, which are accompanied by a good grip, so it does not require too much technique, they even allow it to be gripped with both hands.

  • Foots


    Set of holds with a wide variety of shapes and sizes for the support of the feet.

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